Debbie Murray
LARSS Program Coordinator
Virginia Space Grant Consortium
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Sarah Pauls
LARSS Program Assistant
Virginia Space Grant Consortium
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Shelley Spears
Director, Educational Outreach
National Institute of Aerospace
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Jen Keyes
Acting LaRC Internships and NIFS Lead
Office of Human Capital Management/Office of Education
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Rising High School Seniors & College Freshman/Sophomores


A LARSS “Bridge Program” option offers opportunities for select outstanding rising high-school seniors, college freshmen and sophomores who meet the following eligibility requirements:
  • Previous NASA experience (minimum of 40 hours)*
  • 3.5 GPA
  • MUST be a US Citizen
  • All additional LARSS Program eligibility requirements
  • Full-time enrollment at a US High School, College, orUniversity
    • Community College are encouraged to apply, however, acceptance is based upon the successful matriculation into a four-year institute 

*Examples of Previous NASA program experience include programs such as:
  • NASA SHARP Program,
  • CHROME Club,
  • NASA Governor’s School,
  • VASTS,
  • documented time working on a NASA related project with a college professor,
  • or the Volunteer Services Program.
NOTE:  Students must have participated in these programs a minimum of 40 hours.

Apply here using the same application provided for the LARSS Program. 

“I’m really excited to be here, I really love my mentor, just working with him, love my project, and I just think this is a really great opportunity that is really going to launch my career.”
– Tynisa Trapps, LARSS Student, Summer 2011

Photo Credit: Casey Leigh-Anne Denham
Photo Credit: Casey Leigh-Anne Denham

"This has been my third summer as a LARSS intern, but my journey with NASA began long before that. Ever since I was a young child, I have been interested in planes and space. At a summer camp when I was in elementary school, I was first introduced to the field of aerospace engineering, and I knew that it was what I was meant to do. I set my sights on going to NC State (like any good North Carolinian would do) and decided I was going to work at NASA. I ended up going to MIT instead, but working for NASA (ideally here at LaRC) is still my dream job. I was fortunate to find a mentor that was willing to have me as his intern, even though I had just graduated high school. My first summer here I assisted with a wind tunnel test that was later published as an AIAA paper, which was an amazing opportunity as a rising college freshman. I am now a rising junior and I look forward to every summer, when I know I will be back here at LaRC conducting more wind tunnel tests. My participation in the LARSS program has been beyond my wildest dreams and I know that LaRC will always have a place in my heart. The two pictures are of me at the Virginia Air and Space Center – One when I was about a year old (I’m in the stroller) and the other during my first LARSS internship in 2011." 
~ Casey Leigh-Anne Denham (Summer 2011 - 2013)