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RASC-AL Aerospace Concepts:
Human Scale Architecture & Systems
RASC-AL Exploration Robo-Ops:
Robotics Systems
For a printable document describing the 2 RASC-AL competitions, click here. 

Congratulations to the teams who have been selected
to compete at the 2014 RASC-AL Forum:

Enabling Long Duration Missions through Holistic Habitat Design Theme·        
  •  University of Colorado - Boulder (GRADUATE):   Enabling the space frontier by implementation of a low mass cis-lunar outpost·        
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:   Advanced Long Term Experimental Research (ALTER) Habitat
  • Drexel University:   Dragon Lair Inflatable Space Habitat
  • Pennsylvania State University:   RASC-AL Holistic Habitat Design
  • University of Maryland:   Variable Gravity Habitats for Space Operations, Exploration, and Research
  • University of North Florida & Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi:   Project CLERTH: Cis-Lunar Exploration for Realizing Transit Habitat
Human Assisted Sample Return Theme
  • University of Colorado – Boulder (GRAUDATE):    ECLIPSE: The Exploratory Cis-Lunar Laboratory for Interplanetary Sample Extraction
  • University of Washington:    Enabling Long-Term Human Presence in Cis-Lunar Space Through Lunar Colonization
  • West Virginia University:    Sample Return and Observation Lunar Orbiter
  • Virginia Tech:    Project Athena
Tele-operated Robot Theme
  • University of Maryland (GRADUATE):    Smallsat-Based Robotics Supporting Human Space Exploration
  • The University of Texas at Arlington (GRADUATE):   SMIRFF: Smart Maintenance, Inspection, and Repair Free-Flyer
  • Norwich University:   Belenos Abstract
  • Colorado School of Mines:   ASIMOV (Assistive Independent, Maintenance and Observation Vehicle ) 

The transcript from the November 26th Q&A is now on the FAQ page.
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 RASC-AL: Human Scale Architecture and Systems Competition

Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts - Academic Linkage (RASC-AL) is a student design competition that is sponsored by NASA and managed by the National Institute of Aerospace.  RASC-AL was formed to provide university-level engineering students with the opportunity to design human scale architecture concepts based on NASA engineering challenges as well as offer NASA access to new research and design projects by students.

RASC-AL is open to undergraduate and graduate university-level students studying fields with applications to human space exploration (i.e., aerospace, bio-medical, electrical, and mechanical engineering; and life, physical, and computer sciences).  RASC-AL projects allow students to incorporate their coursework into real aerospace design concepts and work together in a team environment. Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged.

Through RASC-AL, student teams and their faculty advisors will work to develop mission architectures to employ innovative solutions in response to one of the 3 following
  • Enabling Long Duration Missions through Holistic Habitat Design
  • Human Assisted Sample Return
  • Tele-operated Robot
In 2014, up to eighteen will be chosen to compete at the RASC-AL Forum in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Each team will receive a monetary award to facilitate full participation in the RASC-AL Forum. The teams with the top two winning papers will be invited to present their design projects to industry experts at a major Aerospace conference, such as Space 2014 (additional travel stipends provided). 
Interested in RASC-AL?  Click here for more details.
"NASA is always looking for great ideas. What better group to turn to than the next generation of engineers?" said Pat Troutman, senior systems analysis at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA. "Students get something out of it too. They get the chance to apply what they learn in class to real world aerospace challenges."