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December 13-14                Short Course on Advanced Hypersonic Aerodynamics
                                          I. Boyd, G. Candler
December 4-6                    NESC Academy: Loads and Dynamics
                                          Dr. Curtis E. Larsen
November 27-29                 NASA LaRC/NIA Short Course on PVS

October 23-25                     Short Course on Advanced Hypersonic Propulsion
                                           J. Schetz, W. O'Brien, D. Van Wie, D. Davis, L. Jacobsen, P. Hewitt, 
                                           K. Bowcutt, S. Dash, M. Holden, R. Gaffney, S. Beckel, D. Reubush

September 12-14                Robust and Adaptive Control Theory Short Course
                                           Devin Wise and Naira Hovakimyan
September 10-24                Short Course on the Fundamentals of Hypersonic Flight
                                           James McDaniel

August 6-7                          Short Course on Lessons Learned Applied to Space Systems 
                                           Larry Ross, Aerospace Engineering Associates

July 30-August 2                 NESC Academy: Materials Durability: Understanding Damage Modes
                                           Robert Piascik

May 9-10                             Short Course on Adaptive Control
Prof. Gang Tao, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, University of Virginia
March 13-15                        NESC Academy:  Software
Michael Aguilar

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