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November 17-18                      NIA/SACD Short Course on Advanced Space Propulsion
                                                     Bryan Palaszewski, NASA GRC; Stanley Borowski, NASA GRC;
                                                     Robert Frisbee, NASA JPL; Steven How, Hbar Technologies;
                                                     Franklin Mead, Mead Science & Technology

October 20                                NIA/SACD Short Course on The Economics of Space Transportation
Williams Claybaugh, Orbital Sciences Corporation

August 4-5                                  NIA/SACD Short Course on Uncertainty, Risk and Probability in 
                                                      Aerospace Systems Design
Dr. Douglas Stanley, Georgia Institute of Technology; and 
                                                     John Wagner, Georgia Institute of Technology

June 10-12                                Hypersonic Vehicles Integration
Kevin Bowcutt 

April 29-May 1                           NESC Academy: Structures/NDE
Ivatury Raju and William Prosser

April 15-16                                 Short Course on Structured Expert Judgement
                                                      Roger Cooke

April 1-2                                      Planetary Entry, Descent and Landing
Robert Braun; Juan Cruz; M. Wright

February 26-28                         Structures and Materials for Hypersonic Vehicles
D. Glass, F. Ferguson, A. Calomino, B. Sullivan, B. Zuchowski

January 9-10
                             Aerospace Systems Lessons Learned
                                                     Angelo Guastaferro; Frank Martin; Howard Robins; John Newcomb; Dennis McCarthy


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