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September 30-October 1          Short Course on Robustness Analysis for Nonlinear Systems
                                                         Andrew Packard, UC Berkeley; Gary Balas, Univ. of Minnesota;
                                                         Pete Seiler, Honeywell; Ufuk Topcu,Caltech
                                                         Summary | Part 1 | Part 2                                                       

September 23-24                        AIAA/NIA/SACD Short Course in Optimal Design in Multidisciplinary System
Prabhat Hajela, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; and Jaroslaw Sobieski, 
                                                         Senior Researcher, NASA LaRC 
                                                         Summary | Course Materials

August 4-7                                     LaRC Systems Engineering Development Program
                                                         "Overview of Project Management and Systems Engineering"
John F. Newcomb, Scientific Management Inc.
Course Materials

May 14-15                                      HAI Short Course:  "How Airplanes Fly and Why They Look the Way They Do" 
Dr. Wayne F. Hallgren,US Air Force, Ret.

April 20-21                                    Special Challenges of Human Spaceflight
                                                         Dr. Jeffrey A Hoffman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                                                         Summary |  Course Materials

March 30-31                                 NIA/SACD Short Course:  Spacecraft Design
Dr. Alan Wilhite, School of Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
                                                         Summary | Course Materials

March 17-18                                 NASA Short Course on Sensitivity Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification

                                                         Dr. Anthony A. Giunta and Dr. Michael Eldred

January 29-30                              Space Flight Mechanics, Guidance and Navigation Short Course
Dr. Robert Tolson, North Carolina State University
                                                         Course Materials

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